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He’s done it! Watch Benedict Cumberbatch’s truly epic Ice Bucket Challenge!


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i know in the future it won’t matter that we stopped being friends. I know our paths may never cross again. But I miss feeling loved by you. I miss being your friend. What happened to us? I wasn’t good enough or was I to out there for you? I think about all the time we spent together in middle school; the sleepovers the study sessions. I know where things went wrong, it was me. Not you. You were always true to yourself, and still are. You are you. And me? I’m still not sure. I envy you and wish we were still close like we once were. I see pictures of you with friends that I wish I was. But once we hit high school, I felt left out of your circle. I tried so hard to break into it, but I kept bouncing off the wall. Never quite in but never quite out. Good luck next year, to all my friends that I lost junior year. 

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"Now the only question left is…where to put you?"

Me talking to the new books I just bought as i try to reorganize my bookshelves to make the new residents fit and welcome. (via bookwormbabe89)


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how can I draw? damn it, she’s so sweet!


how can I draw?
damn it, she’s so sweet!

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you’ve got a lil’ somethin’ right there

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